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Annie Moses Band

The Annie Moses Band is my favorite music group. It’s hard to describe their style. It’s deeply Christian, jazz, classical, contemporary… You just have to listen to it for yourself!

Another interesting aspect to the group is that almost every member is realated to the others. For example, Annie is the lead singer and also plays first violin. Her mother Robin writes most of the lyrics, and her father composes most of the music. Annie’s three brothers play various instruments including cello, banjo and guitar, and they sing and compose as well. She also has two sisters who sing and play mandolin, piano and harp. The family’s incredible!

You really must check out the videos to see this group in action. The first video that should come up is “When Daddy Says I’m Beautiful” which my dad also made a music video of. You can find my dad’s version here.

Listen to music from the latest CD Through the Loooking Glass here too! I think my favorite song from it is “The Looking Glass”, but I also really like “Where Do We Go From Here” and “Glory Giver” and “The Golden Ratio”, not to mention all the great songs on their other CDs (not all can be found on the website).

Posted on June 04, 2009 by Jordan in: music