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March 31, 2008

And I Quote

“Our actions are seen by people, but our motives are monitored by God” ~Franklin Graham

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March 13, 2008


This morning I got braces on my top teeth! They don’t hurt near as much as I thought they might… but they do hurt. It’s hard to believe I actually have them because years ago we decided that I wouldn’t. There didn’t seem to be any medical reason then, but recently my top incisor chipped my bottom incisor. (Now that hurt) We decided to see a different orthodontist to get another opinion, and he said braces would be a good idea. Everything has moved so quickly!

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March 02, 2008

And I Quote

“He that loses any thing, and gets wisdom by it, is a gainer by the loss.” ~L’Estrange

This quote was at the beginning of a chapter in The Wide Wide World by Susan Warner (published in 1850). Many books from that time had quotes at the beginning of the chapters, instead of titles. I think it was referring to the fact that Ellen has lost her mother, but gained a lot of wisdom in befriending Alice and her brother.

This is an exceptional novel, about a young lady named Ellen, who has her share of trials and temptations. As the book progresses, she learns how to deal with these in the way that God intended. It reminds me of Elsie Dinsmore, but is more realistic! It is well worth reading, and in doing so, you’ll only lose a little time, and you’ll definitely gain wisdom by that small loss!

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