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With Eagerness and Delight--Challenges 2 and 3

Challenge two~Letter Writing and challenge three~Helping to make your father’s house a home.

I was quite inspired when I saw Elissa’s writing desk in her post about letter writing, so I decided to reorganize and decorate my own. When I saw her next challenge, I was even more motivated to get it done!


I decided to write my first letter to Elissa herself (that’s why this post is so late in coming—I wanted to give her a chance to receive it before seeing the post) and the second to my cousin Kyle who is currently at Boot Camp. Elissa’s is pictured below. I didn’t take a picture of Kyle’s, since it didn’t look particularly special. I have a book with 101 things that God can’t do, and I chose 10 to include in Kyle’s letter.


Recently I have taken an interest in the language of flowers. I really like to paint flowers, so I have begun to combine these two things—choosing the flowers I paint with purpose, according to their meanings. An example of this is the painting I did for Hannah Elizabeth.

I decided to paint a Wisteria on Elissa’s card. It signifies cherished friendship. The other card on my desk has an Iris on the front, signifying glad tidings. I haven’t decided who to send the second card to, yet.

The quote on the wisteria card is from Robin Wolaver of the Annie Moses Band. One of the songs she has written is called Always Morning Somewhere.

Posted on April 28, 2009 by Jordan in: challenge| fun