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With Eagerness and Delight--Challenge 1

My friend Elissa is hosting a challenge and giveaway:

“For some time now, I’ve been wanting to have a series of challenges for young women training to be keepers as home, and I’ve also been wanting to have a giveaway, so I thought, hey, I might as well combine them. My challenges will each be something to encourage my readers to work with their hands, and “seek wool and flax” with willingness, eagerness, and delight. They will encourage you in the lovely, graceful, and feminine arts of sewing, cooking/baking, decorating, letter writing, gardening and more….”

The first challenge is cooking for your family…


A friend gave us the recipe book Naturally Healthy Cuisine by Shonda Parker and Vickilynn Haycraft to borrow while she is out of town. My mom had bookmarked this gluten-free pizza crust recipe. It’s made primarily of flax meal and eggs, so it has a most interesting texture. Though none of us have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, we like to make gluten-free meals now and again as gluten can be difficult to digest by anyone.

The pesto was made by my mom, but as some of my sewing friends say, “I could have made it” ;) I did grow most of the ingredients for the pesto in my garden, though! The greens decorating the pizza were also grown in my garden.

5 out of 7 family members gave it a thumbs up, so I’m happy. You can’t please everyone, especially when the meal in question is a new recipe and involves green slime :)

Posted on April 23, 2009 by Jordan in: challenge| gardening| healthy eating