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Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah Elizabeth came into the world on September 19, 2008. She was born a bit prematurely via C-section, but was expected to be healthy. Hannah’s family lives outside of Tucson, and we’re pretty much the only family they know in Tucson. While Hannah and her mom were staying the hospital, my mom visited them a few times. As soon as I found out what her name was I started to create sort of a nameplate for her. I included the meanings of her name as well as the flowers that symbolize those meanings. I also included a few flowers who’s meanings were special to her unique situation. I was still working on the picture and deciding which flowers to include when we got a call on Wednesday. Hannah Elizabeth had gone to live with Jesus.

I immediately decided to finish the picture, but to change a few flowers. You can see the finished product if you click “continue reading” below…


Hannah means “Grace”
Garden Pinks mean “Grace”
Elizabeth means “God’s Promise”
Phlox means “Agreement”
Pansies mean “Remembrance”
Wallflowers mean “Fidelity in Adversity”
Bluebottles mean “‘Delicacy”

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