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Great Grandma Holsinger

My Great Grandma Dorothy Holsinger went to live with Jesus on Sunday, September 21, 2008. Click here to see her obituary

My cousin and I sang part of this song at her memorial service.

My 11 year old sister wrote the following, all by herself to read at Great Grandma’s service:

Dear great Grandma,

I know you had the BEST Sunday service ever, listening to your Lord and sitting at the feet of your very best friend Jesus. The day you left you left behind your 3 daughters who love you and are going to miss their time and talks with you. You also left behind 8 grandchildren that loved you very much. You also left behind 19 great grandchildren and I was very proud to be one of them.

My favorite part of going to see you was your comforting, loving voice that I heard when I came through the door, asking how I was and how my family was doing. I also loved your giraffe collection and was excited to bring you a wooden one from Africa last year.

There are so many more people who miss you, but I know that there is one person who will miss you the most. He took care of you when you fell, he held your purse when you could not, he loved you ‘till your last breath and he can’t wait to see you again. He was true to his word when he said “I do” and “I love you” and that’s why you were with him 62 years. It would have been even longer, but the One who had loved you before you were born and died for your sins wanted you even more and knew it was time for you to go to Him forevermore.

Now you’re in paradise and we’re still down here on earth. You’re wanting us to be there with you-to dance and never get tired, to be happy and never need to cry or be sad, And most of all to listen to our Savior, to look face to face at our Lord, to see the scars of Jesus and to hail God King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I love you and I will miss you so much, but I’m glad to know you’re with your best friend.

Love, Moriah

Posted on October 07, 2008 by Jordan in: family