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Week in Feminine Dress--day 1

“Week in Feminine Dress” was originally done by Jennie Chancey. Visit here for a description and pictures from the original week. Members from the S&S message forum participate seasonally. I’ve never participated before, but I’m doing so this week! I also presented an extra challenge to the ladies of the forum to do something “extra feminine”. For example, try a new hairstyle, wear ribbons, lace and flowers, wear a blouse instead of a t-shirt, etc.


My sister Bethany, age 9 on left wearing Regency dress that I made for her last year. I’m on the right wearing Romantic blouse with crocheted lace and my favorite jumper—Linen/rayon bodice and denim skirt. I’m sure you’ll see it again this week! I’m also wearing a ribbon in my hair :) We’re sitting in our “Bario Garden” beside mint, fennel and some other sweet-smelling plants.

Here’s a better picture of the blouse

Posted on May 17, 2009 by Jordan in: challenge