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Moriah's New Doll

Moriah and Patience
Moriah with her new doll

My latest sewing project was a doll for my sister, Moriah. The doll is about 16” high and is just the right size for the doll clothes that Moriah can make using the Mary Frances Books. When we made to clothes before, I had to adjust the pattern, because we didn’t have the right sized doll. They didn’t come out too well, so when I saw the pattern for the Mary Marie doll on Joyful Home Resources, I decided to get it to make for Moriah.

She loved her doll when she opened it for Christmas, but decided that she wanted to name her Patience instead of Mary Marie. I think the name fits because it took a lot of patience to make her!

The doll pattern came with instructions on how to draw or embroider the face, but I decided to sew on beads for the eyes and embroider a simple mouth. There is also a wig available, but I wanted Patience to match another of Moriah’s dolls who has yarn braids.

Posted on December 27, 2005 by Jordan in: sewing