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Reach Out

Our first quilt!
Our first quilt!

I have started a club for girls called Reach Out. The members make things to donate to worthy causes. We held our first meeting at our official clubhouse (a craft room of a friend of mine) on Monday the 23rd. The project we are working on are quilts for orphans in Nigeria. The orphans need forteen quilts by the second week of February. We are going to try to make as many as we can.

We found a few quilt tops that were done or nearly done, so we started work with those. We also started our own quilt top by patching navy blue squares and white squares together in a checkerboard pattern. The woman who is letting us use her craft room has a computerized sewing machine that can embrioder letters onto cloth. We are using it to embroider “With love from Reach Out, Tucson, AZ” on the quilts.

At our second meeting we continued work on the checkerboard quilt that we started at our first meeting and have almost finished it. The quilt top that we found also has an underside now. Toward the end of the meeting we started piecing a new quilt in an “around the world” pattern.

Our next meeting will be held on Thursday February 9, at 1:30. Hopefully we’ll finish the quilts we’ve started and maybe even one more!

I have pictures of us hard at work here.

Posted on February 07, 2006 by Jordan in: sewing