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Our First Foster Baby

My family has begun to do foster care for babies. We just got certified and recieved our first placement. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post a picture or even his name (even though he’s the cutest baby in the world). He almost never cries. In fact, if he cries for more than a few seconds I get a little worried!

Let me back up and tell you the story of how we got into foster care.

Daddy has known he was going to adopt someday since…forever! Mommy never thought she’d be well enough to take something like that on, so he kept quiet and didn’t mention it much. In early September we were at the park for our homeschool group, and my mom met this woman with a 9 month old and a 5 day old. They were both foster babies. Soon my sisters and I were drawn over to play with the babies and the woman’s other 3 kids came over too. As we played with the babies, the woman said how good foster care would be for our family. They talked some more and a few days later we had our paperwork! It wasn’t long before we had it filled out and were working on the other requirements for foster families. We had everything done by the end of November. Now all we had to do was wait for it to be approved (which usually takes about a month)…

Meanwhile, some friends of ours who had a foster baby decided that they were not going to continue to foster but that they wanted us to have the baby they had been fostering. They needed to go out of town and schedule surgery for their daughter, so they asked the case workers if they could get our approval through as soon as possible. On Dec. 14 we were officially a foster family! Even though we had been told that the process to get certified took 3-6 months, it had been only 2 1/2 months since we got our paperwork.

Posted on December 21, 2005 by Jordan in: family