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Flowering broccoli plant
Flowering broccoli plant

This year, I planted broccoli in my winter garden. First I planted seeds, but they didn’t come up. So I decided to try transplants. Soon after transferring the plants to the garden, it rained and the seeds sprouted! We ended up planting broccoli all over the place! Some of them died so we ended up with just enough.

My family has enjoyed a continual harvest all winter. As soon as the head grew to be a few inches across, we picked it. Soon side shoots sprouted and they have continued to sprout all season. Now they are starting to flower and because the flowers have nectar in them, they taste sweet!

One thing that I don’t like about raising broccoli and other things are the little green worms and other pests. I don’t use any bug-killers, so I have to pick them off by hand. I’m okay with it when they’re little, but it’s harder to pick them off when they get bigger.

Posted on May 19, 2005 by Jordan in: gardening