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Discovery Corps II

Jordan, Moriah and Bethany in front of the Discovery Corps II semi
Jordan, Moriah and Bethany in front of the Discovery Corps II semi

The Discovery Corps II is a traveling exhibition about the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It is following the route they took stopping at locations where they had been 200 years previous. However, instead of staying in North Dakota for the winter as Lewis and Clark had to, the exhibit was able to head to the south-western states so that more people would be able to experience it. I’m very glad they came to Tucson—we had a great time listening to people give presentations on many different things!

Two Native Americans talked about games the children played, and we got to try them if we wanted. I think my favorite presentation was about Lewis. A park ranger dressed up in period clothing and pretended to be Lewis’ sister. She told his story from birth to death, and I learned a lot.

We also got to go into a teepee and found out all the different ways the Indians used parts of the buffalo. They didn’t waste anything, even the hooves were used! There was also a reproduction of the main boat the expedition used. On it, a park ranger explained more about why Presedent Jefferson sent Lewis West, such as making friends with the Indians and collecting plant and soil samples.

My sisters participated in the Junior Ranger program. They found answers to various questions to earn a badge and certificate. We all had a lot of fun!

Posted on February 04, 2005 by Jordan in: field trips