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Paint on Metal 2

Jordan working on her art piece
Working on my art

Once a month there is a free family program at the Tucson Museum of Art called Picture This! Art Sundays. The activities corelate with one of the current exhibits.

This month we got to paint on metal. After looking at the art with TMA Art Instructor, Terra Feast, we went over to the classrooms. A man had shaped pieces of metal for us and we decorated them with oil pastels, paint and colored wire. It was really cool to actually work with metal like the artists in the exhibit did.

Next month (March) we are going to draw a cowboy who will come to model for us. It will be the last program at the museum until next fall.

They also have a really great program at Bookman’s each month, called Handz-On. It is like the one at the museum, just a bit simplified. For example, this month at Bookman’s they used tin foil and colored wire to make a mobile. Handz-On goes on year round.

We are really happy with the way our art work turned out…maybe we’ll enter them in the Pima County Fair this year.

Our paint on metal artwork

Posted on February 06, 2005 by Jordan in: art| field trips