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Blessing tea

Daddy presenting the ring
Daddy presenting the ring

On the evening of June 6, I had a Blessing Tea in my home. Some women and girls who are important in my life came to welcome me into Biblical Young Womanhood. It was so wonderful! About half-way through the tea, my dad came in wearing a tuxedo and surprised me (I thought he had gone with my littlest sister to the park). He talked to me about keeping myself pure and having peace (having peace is something I struggle with). Then he took out a ring! I wasn’t expecting a purity ring, but he got one for me! It has a dove on it and Daddy said that every time I saw it or any dove to remember God’s Peace.

Then I gave HIM a framed poem and crocheted heart. Here’s the poem:

Today is the day that I give you my heart,
To keep until I’m older.
I give it all to you and not just a part,
I trust you as its holder.

I know I can trust you to keep it for me
Till you choose to give it away
To the man that you trust to take care of me
On my wedding day.

Posted on June 16, 2005 by Jordan in: family