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Turtle Habitat

Can you find the turtle?
Can you find the turtle in its habitat?

We have a very small box turtle and for quite a while he lived in an aquarium. Recently, we built him an outdoor habitat. It has areas of open space and more closed in maze-like areas. There are also places he can go if he wants to hide.

The turtle doesn’t live in his habitat all the time. At night and when we’re gone we put him back in his glass box.

He seems sad when we put him in the box, and lately he’s even tried to get out of the habitat. Last Saturday he disappeared and we thought we’d never see him again. Later when we were playing hide and seek with friends, one of them found the turtle hiding where SHE wanted to hide!

We blocked the area that we thought he had gotten out of, but today he got out again. When I found him, I put him back and watched him until he showed me how he had escaped. Hopefully he won’t get out again.

Posted on May 05, 2005 by Jordan in: gardening