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TMA 80th anniversary

Painting a pot with underglaze
Painting a pot with underglaze

Sunday the ninth was the Tucson Museum of Art’s 80th anniversary. At the museum there were lots of activities. Reenactors played the parts of people living in the presidio and explained how they lived their lives back then.

Another thing I liked was the camera obscura—a wooden box with a very small hole in the side. A black cloth was connected to the box and when you covered your head with the cloth you could see a scene on a paper in the box.

The thing that I liked best of all was glazing a pot . First I picked out a pot, next I painted it with underglaze, then some people fired it. While we waited, we looked around some more and found some printing projects. I always have fun when I go to the TMA.

(We met a family who was there because they read about the TMA family events right here on my blog!)

Posted on April 12, 2005 by Jordan in: art| field trips