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The Mountain we all climb

Who has the bigger honor,

~the one who climbs the mountain, or

~the one who is born there?

The former has a long hard road to get to the top, with many setbacks, scrapes, and breaks. The latter still has some hardships, like thin air and living away from civilization, but so does everyone who fights their way to the top!

Sometimes I think it’s so unfair that some people are just “born perfect”—already at the top of the mountain. I do wonder, though, how many really are. In any case, they’re not recognized for it! Why would they be?

We do know that there are plenty of us who travel (and fight) the long, hard road to the top—to “perfection”, where God desires us to be. Many of us are honored, some more than others. If nothing else, we know, and God knows, that we really worked to get there.

Posted on February 22, 2008 by Jordan in: God