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More about my Birthday

Beside Singer sewing machine

I’m wearing a dress that was made by my friends as a birthday gift, and I’m beside my wonderful Singer sewing machine

I found out that the Singer sewing machine dates back to 1910! It’s in amazingly good shape too, my grandpa says. Most of the colors and decorations are intact. The only thing that looks like it needs replacing is the leather strap that connects the pedal to the machine.

We had Spanish class as usual in the morning (just the less advanced class during the summer so they can catch up). I was very surprised when Abbey and Lydia came to lunch. I was also surprised by Papa Norm, Daddy (I thought he’d gone to work), and Mema.

I received a jumper form Abbey and Lydia (above in photo), some books and a CD from mom and dad, and the corset kit from Mema and Great Grandma! From Grandma, I got a “Universal Gift Certificate” (money) and a shopping spree to Joann’s to get corset fabric and whatever else I wanted, to use the gift certificate :) We went yesterday afternoon.

I just had to share Lydia’s card:

Hola Jordan, Feliz Cumpleaños! ¡Ahora tenemos quince años! Tu mamá dijo, “escribe palabras muy difícil el la carta para Jordan.” Así que, aquí es la palabra difícil: (desafortunadamente, so piensé de una palabra difícil). Lo siento. con amor, Lydia

Basic translation:

Hi Jordan, Happy Birthday! Now we both are 15! Your mom said, “write difficult words in the card for Jordan” So, here is the difficult word: (unfortunately, I can’t think of one difficult word). I’m sorry. with love, Lydia

What’s funny is that “desafortunadamente” (unfortunately) is a difficult word!

Posted on June 07, 2007 by Jordan in: family| history| sewing