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Corset update

I finally stopped putting it off and cut out my 1860’s corset mock up. A mock up is a “test drive” in sewing. If all seamstresses had time, we might make one for every single thing we make. Since we don’t, it’s mostly used for special things made out of expensive fabric, or especially fitted garments.

Basically you baste cheap fabric (usually muslin) together to make sure that the actual garment that you want to make fits right, before actually cutting into your fashion fabric.

For my corset, I used a not-too-stretchy denim in place of muslin. The fabric used to make the actual corset is not stretchy at all, or else it would stretch out of shape and not do its job. The mock up of a corset needs to be made out of a similar fabric, so that the fit is correct.

Posted on June 03, 2007 by Jordan in: history| sewing