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Civil War era undergarments

chemise.jpg drawers.jpg

I just finished my first period garments!

They are Civil War era undergarments, but they’re still garments! All the seams are finished by hand in the inside, and I did only the basic construction by machine. I moved the buttons over a bit to make the neckline smaller. If I would have put them where the pattern said to, it would have fallen off my shoulders.

I’m going to enter these in the County fair this year. I can’t wait to see how they place! After the fair, I’d like to try to take out some of the fullness in the back of the drawers. As it is, they hang down and are a bit uncomfortable. I may also try to make the neck even smaller with a drawstring (I think that would still be period…)

If I used this pattern again I would:

Use a fabric with a larger thread count (It would be easier to work with as well as more comfortable).

Take out some fullness in the back of the drawers.

Make the neckline of the chemise smaller.

Not put eyelet on anywhere (It’s not period correct).

Posted on March 09, 2007 by Jordan in: history| sewing