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Teaching “Creative Crochet”

Crocheting at Summer Arts Festival. The crocheted items on the bulletin board were made by my sisters and me

Almost every summer I attend the Summer Arts Festival at First Evangelical Free church. There’s a wide variety of classes but you can only choose 2. We also learn music, drama and choreography for a musical. Ages 4 -12 may attend. This year I was too old to take classes, so I helped teach! I helped to teach crocheting to 1-3 and 4-6 graders. I was really glad that there weren’t many people in the classes. That way, each teacher could focus on a few kids each.

Accually, in the 4-6 grade class, there was only 1 girl! That was especially fun because she had crocheted a bit in the past so we could move quickly and do more advanced stuff. In the younger class, there were 4 girls. I liked having 4 because each of us teachers could focus on 2 girls each. It was a lot of fun—I’d like to do it again next year!

Posted on September 05, 2005 by Jordan in: art