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My Prize Students!

Doll clothes
Bethany made the dress on the right, Moriah made the other two outfits

I’m teaching my sisters to sew using the Mary Frances books. Bethany just turned 6 and already made a dress for her doll! (All I did was sew on the eyelet.) Moriah is 8 and has learned to use the sewing machine. She made a night gown and robe for Bethany’s birthday. She also made a dress that matches the one Bethany made (again, I sewed on the eyelet, although she probably could have!). They are both very diligent students so check back later to see what else they create!

I’ve also used the Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting book and my mom is reading the gardening one to us. Moriah crochets quite well and Bethany is just starting. I’m just beginning to knit, so niether of them is learning that yet. We all love to garden!

Posted on September 03, 2005 by Jordan in: sewing