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Pima County Fair

Moriah and I with our entries from last year (2004)
Moriah and I with our entries from 2004

This year’s Pima County Fair is coming up in mid-April. There are lots of fun things to see and do. I think seeing the shows and looking at the arts and crafts that people have entered is the most fun, but there are rides and other things too.

I like to enter things in the fair because you’re not judged against others. I’ve entered a variety of things over the years, such as things I’ve cross-stitched, sewn and written. This year I am going to enter a dress that I sewed and something I’ve crocheted. My sisters Moriah and Bethany may enter some things too.

We don’t usually go on many rides, but last year there was a program called “Read and Ride”. For every book we read, we wrote a summary of it on a form we printed out (pdf). For every three summaries, we got three rides free. “Read and Ride” is happening again this year.

There are many shows going on simultaneously all around the fair grounds. Animal shows are some of the biggest atractions. I like the Sea Lions a lot. There are also some music groups, and some are Christian.

I really like the Pima County Fair. I could stay almost all day!

Posted on March 18, 2005 by Jordan in: art| field trips| sewing