Has it really been that long?

I graduated from high school in 1985—yes, 20 years ago—and that means it’s time for the 20 year reunion. For our class, it happened this past weekend. It was great to catch up with some old friends and hear what other were up to. I particularly enjoyed seeing the families. We’re now more than twice the age we were when we graduated, and some of us had kids that were close to graduating themselves. Others were just getting started. In fact a good friend of mine is having his first child next month.

One interesting comment I heard was that “it seems like we just graduated a few weeks ago, and now we are just playing dress-up.” It doesn’t feel that way to me, though. I am an adult. I have a 13 year old daughter (and two younger daughters, 8 and almost 6). My hair is starting to gray, and I don’t mind. This is the natural course of things, and it is good.

Really good.

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In which Mark realizes that getting older is not such a bad thing...

August 9, 2005 | family

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