December 18, 2003

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

Seven years ago today my wife gave birth to our second daughter. She currently graces this blog’s banner in a picture we took about 5 years ago... I love you!...

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December 17, 2003


I downloaded and installed Apple’s battery updater on the 15" Aluminum PowerBook. It has helped significantly, appearing to add about an hour to the life of the battery. That puts it at just over 3 hours, using several programs, a...

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December 12, 2003

Wired’s Cult of Mac

How Mac OS X Can Shed Its Skin by Leander Kahney “A small community of desktop “skinners” has sprung up around Unsanity’s ShapeShifter, a utility for Mac OS X that allows the desktop interface to be customized in highly...

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This week at A List Apart

Night of the Image Map by Stuart Robertson “CSS design from beyond the grave: all the secret ingredients you’ll need to resurrect the image map using CSS and structurally sensible XHTML. Departments”...

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December 08, 2003

WaSP Interview II

The Web Standards Project interviews Todd Dominey (What Do I Know?)on his thoughts about standards-based design, and how he used it in the redesign of as well as the PGA Championship site. Lots of good information here on everything...

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Writing Efficient CSS

Most of you are aware that using CSS to style your content can save a significant amount of bandwidth, especially if you have a popular site. If you find that you need to squeeze every last bit (or byte) out...

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December 05, 2003

Digital Photo Tips

Derrick Story shares his favorite tips from the many sent in by readers last week. In addition to Story’s favorites, you might want to check his original post which contains two from him and quite a few other good ideas...

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A List Apart Issue No. 165

CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders by Søren Madsen “Must CSS layouts be boxy and hard-edged? In this article, we’ll show how customized borders and corners can be applied to fully fluid and flexible layouts with dynamic content,...

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December 04, 2003

Web Design on a Shoestring

I just received a (signed!) copy of Carrie Bickner’s Web Design on a Shoestring. The Astronomy Education Review web site that I had a part in creating is featured in the book (as is a picture of our web team)....

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Digital Photographer’s Best Friend?

Derrick Story makes a case for the iPod, along with Belkin’s Media Reader, for being A Good Thing™ for digital photographers. Others provide feedback that the reader is too slow for any serious work (think filling up a 1GB card...

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December 02, 2003


As pointed out by the Head Lemur, Washington Technology has a four page feature on Section 508: Section 508: Built into business It's a small world after all: Will Section 508 become the global accessibility standard? Page by page:...

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December 01, 2003

Wanda Fulweather

Each year our kids have participated in our church’s children’s choir musicals. This year’s musical offered the opportunity to put together a video of my daughter giving a “weather report” that was part of the musical. I shot the video...

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SimpleQuiz, Part X

In Part X of his ongoing series, SimpleQuiz, Dan Cederholm (for Matt Haughey) asks about the correct way to mark up multiple paragraphs within a list item. The concern is the extra vertical white space introduced by doing so. This...

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The Guts of a New Machine

The New York Times published an extensive and interesting article about Apple’s iPod. Now in its third generation design, it has come a long way, silencing the many naysayers who proclaimed it too expensive when it debuted just over...

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Interesting reads

Please NO! “‘We’d like to have one of our operating systems in every car on Earth,’ said Dick Brass, vice-president of Microsoft’s automotive business unit.” The Easiest Way to Publish Links on Your Site “I’ve really started to...

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