2007 was a year with many interesting milestones for our family. We paid off our house (and eliminated all debt) in early February. In April our second foster son joined our family. He is a full sibling to Daniel, our first foster son, and came to us at two days old. That makes 5 kids all together, and our car is full (all seven seats). A two hour trip to Phoenix early in the summer pointed out the need for more space, so we purchased a 15 passenger van. It’s a bit more than we need, but there are not really very many choices that are larger than a 7 passenger minivan for large families. The van came just in time for a vacation to Southern California and then up to Yosemite and my aunt and uncle in Merced. Shortly after we got back, our adoption of Daniel was finalized! We had him dedicated at church the day before the adoption, and had a big celebration afterward where we were able to tell his story. Then in December, Moriah and I travelled to Nairobi, Kenya, Africa to make a video for DOOR International, a missions group that reaches the Deaf around the world. That trip garnered some local press both before we went, and after we came back. We also posted pictures of the trip on flickr.

It was a busy year, to say the least! This year will likely be just as busy (I’ve already travelled to Austin for an Astronomer’s conference), but I hope to take some more time to post here and at some of my other blogs. That and take and post more pictures.

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January 17, 2008 | family

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