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Whenever I go to a web design conference and people see that I am from Tucson, they often ask me if I hang out with Molly. I have to tell them the truth—the only time we see each other is at a conference, usually hundred of miles away from Tucson. I like to tell them of the time I had lunch with Dunstan Orchard while he was in Tucson redesigning Molly’s site. I dropped him off at her place and went in to say hello, and she was asleep, having just returned from London. So I had been in her house, and she was even there, but I had not seen her.

Well, I can’t say that anymore. My family and I were shopping at Wild Oats and I saw someone that looked like Molly at the end of the aisle. Not wanting to miss my chance, I walked around the aisle and found her in the dairy section. It turns out she had just returned from New York, and was leaving the next day for another speaking engagement—which goes a long way toward explaining why we never see each other outside of web design conferences.

So, now not only have I seen Molly in Tucson, but so has the rest of my family!

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In which Mark actually talks to Molly in Tucson...

November 20, 2006 | NaBloPoMo | family | meta

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