A List Apart

A List Apart is an on-line web design magazine for people who make web sites. It is read by over 10,000 web designers each week, and I have had the privilege of writing two articles for them...

» CSS Design: Taming Lists [September 27, 2002]

» Practical CSS Layout Tips Tricks and Techniques [August 17, 2001]

» Daemon Skins: Separating presentation from content [November 3, 2000]

Digital Web Magazine

Digital Web Magazine is an online magazine intended for professional web designers.

» Cascading Style Sheets, Promise vs. Reality, and a Look to the Future [June 4, 2002]

Mac Edition

With a focus on the pro and prosumer market, "MacEdition is committed to analyzing and discussing the Macintosh market, and its effect on computing, business, and life in general."

» Making the switch — The tale of a “non-early adopter” [February 27, 2002]


PowerBlog has developed into a repository of my more inspirational writing. I hope you like it...

» Depression... and Hope!

» Dear Kevin

» Benediction

» Discipline, part 2

» Discipline, part 1

» Of Books and Covers

» The Call

» Love Life

Keeper of the iBook

Early in the year 2000 I was given the departments Tangerine iBook. The Keeper of the iBook chronicles some of my experiences with the machine. In the summer of 2001 I became the keeper of a TiBook, and so this series has come to an end. Although there are still some very useful articles, particularly the series "Location, Location, Location..."

» Wireless networking

» On our own terms

» Location, location, location, part 1

» Location, location, location, part 2

» Location, location, location, part 3

» Rollie McFly's Guide to Solitaire

» Surf Naked

» iBook and the Internet

» Girly Men Need Not Apply

» T-square

» Howard Cosell, Grover and Thinking Different

» Hot Function Keys

» Does Size Matter?

» Dimension

» Behind the Scenes

» Print 2000

» It's About Time

» You Get What You Pay For

» The Application Switcher

» No Regrets

» MacWorld San Francisco 2001 Predictions

» Data Management

» iSpeculate

» Entitlement