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Apple has updated their .Mac service to include 1 GB of storage (1024 MB, not 1000 MB), and a new Groups option for creating ad-free web pages that enable you to stay connect with friends and family, similar to Yahoo! groups. This looks interesting, and is definitely something to investigate further.

With the increased storage limits, it’s time to update your preferences for how you want .Mac to allocate that space. It defaults to 512 MB each for email and iDisk storage.

To update your account settings, log in to .Mac, and then click your member name in the .Mac tab. After confirming your password, click the Storage Settings button and adjust to fit your usage patterns. Since I download all my email, I chose the option with the smallest possible email allocation (15 MB) leaving me with 1009 MB of iDisk storage for images and video.

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In which Mark provides a gentle reminder to update your .Mac Storage Settings...

September 20, 2005 | Apple

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