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Yesterday Phil Schiller introduced the new iMac at the Apple Expo in Paris. This one pays homage to the iPod in its design, placing the CPU behind a 17″ or 20″ LCD flat panel display. At 2″ thick, there are bound to be many people wondering where the computer is. These machines feature a 1.6 or 1.8 GHz G5 with up to 2 GB RAM and 80 or 160 GB of storage. There are multiple USB (1 and 2) ports, a couple of FireWire 400 ports as well as audio in and out. They pack a lot of Power for $1300-$1900. Availability is set for mid-September. They certainly provide a serious alternative to the more expensive PowerMac G5s for those on a budget.

And today Apple introduced the iTunes Affiliate Program. Sign on and earn 5% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links posted on your web site to iTunes.


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In which Mark notes the new iMac and iTunes Affiliate Program announcements...

September 1, 2004 | Apple

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