My iPod saga comes to a close

Well, at least the part about waiting to see if I’ll get any money back after buying a 15 GB iPod seven days before Apple released a new version.

Yesterday I received a call from the bookstore and was told I would be refunded $40. I had been wanting an FM transmitter, and ended up buying a Belkin TuneCast II with part of that money.

So, the story has a happy(ish) ending after all.


Good to here that you are happy(ish) with the result. I am still using my 5GB iPod “classic”! After all is said and done it comes down to what features you really need. It doesn’t feel so bad when (in the usual six month cycle) the next model comes out and the current shiny toy is merely another iPod.

Posted by: gavin on August 16, 2004 05:39 PM

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In which Mark reports a happy(is) ending...

August 12, 2004 | iPod

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