Apple updates low end iPod offerings

Today Apple quietly announced the availability of a new 1GB iPod nano for $149. In doing so it put to rest rumors that such an announcement would end iPod shuffle availability. Both versions of the shuffle are still available at new price points of $99 for the 1GB version and $69 for the 512MB version.

So, what does $50 get you? A click wheel, color screen, choice of black or white case, album art and photos, and control over your listening experience (as opposed to the randomness of the shuffle).

Education buyers can get the 1GB nano for $129 and the 1GB shuffle for $89. The 512MB shuffle is still $69. Availability looks good on everything. The smaller shuffle and the nanos are all shipping in 24hrs, with a 3-5 day wait for the 1GB shuffle.

Now looks like a good time to buy into the low end of the iPod line, but unless you really need one, you may want to hold off on making an iPod (with video) purchase. But what do I know?

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In which Mark talks about the low end of the iPod line...

February 7, 2006 | iPod

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