iPod mini as fashion

Japan is arguably the world’s largest fashion market, so when 1,500 people line up for the launch of the iPod mini, it is probably due to something more than the fact that it is a cool bit of technology. Japan Consuming provides an interesting analysis of the iPod mini phenomena, with interesting insight into why Apple has been so successful, not only in Japan, but worldwide with its iPods.

“Once again proof for the truism that form informs function—except that in the case of the iPod mini, form is style.”


It’s a long known fact that the Japanese are addicted gadget critters and have access to the “latest and greatest” earlier than almost anyone else. I’m not surprised by the success of the ipod mini there, specially because of their colors and the fact that its size lends itself to the “kawaii” factor so prevalent in Japanese pop culture. A Sanrio-Apple joint venture making iPods with Hello Kitty’s pudgy face on them would sell millions in Japan. Seriously.

Posted by: beto on August 9, 2004 01:51 PM

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August 9, 2004 | iPod

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