Details, details, details

Catching up on some reading this morning I came across three unrelated posts addressing the need to pay attention to details in web design. They are all worth a read. Some excerpts:

  1. Dunstan Orchard from the introduction to his explanation of how he creates the timestamps on his blog:

    “Until recently I didn’t present post times (as different from post dates) on my blog, as I didn’t really see that they were relevant. However, the redesign got me looking at this area in a little more detail and I came to the conclusion that while an impersonal timestamp might not be very interesting, something with a more human touch might draw the eye in its place.”

  2. Cameron Moll (emphasis his) from the first thing he wishes he’d known when he started:

    “If there’s one thing I’ve repeated over the course of my career more than anything else, it’s this simple philosophy: If you have time and talent to care for the smaller details, it almost always means you’ve already cared for the bigger details.”

  3. D. Keith Robinson reflecting on how his site (and others) looked on Windows XP vs. OSX:

    “When it comes to design, detail is something I feel is very important. It’s also something that takes quite a bit of effort and lots of time, especially on the Web.”


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July 26, 2004 | design

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