Sometimes real life has a way of getting in the way of this online thing I do. This blog (which is part of a larger web site) has been around in some form or another for just over four years now. Of course I was too busy to notice and post anything about it when it hit that milestone last month.

A couple of weeks ago my Grandma went to the emergency room because her “cold” has progressed to the point where she was having trouble breathing. They suspected pneumonia and admitted her. It turns out she was having congestive heart failure. She ended up with a triple bypass and a new aortic valve (and 9 hours of surgery).

Last week we almost lost her twice when her heart rate dipped to about 20 beats per minute. The first time she received a temporary pacemaker. Then they drained nearly 2 liters of fluid from around her lungs. The second time (a day later), she received a permanent pacemaker that seems to be doing a better job of regulating her heartbeat.

She seems to be doing well, but visitors really tire her out, so we have not gone in to see her in a while. I’m more concerned about Grandpa, and how he is responding to all of this.

In the meantime, Kim has undergone a very painful treatment that took her out of commission for a bit, and she’ll be going back for more in a few weeks.

So that is why posts have dropped off around here recently.

Not that anyone asked…


Some of us did ask - just not very loudly. The assumption was that you had a life to attend to. At times the web can drop down the priority list pretty fast! The November before last my mother found out she had incurable cancer. She died the next February. I haven’t touched my web site since - still picking up the courage. Post when you can - we will still be here!

Posted by: gavin on April 6, 2004 07:17 PM

Thanks Gavin!

Sometimes I can be a bit cynical. This time it was simply an admittedly weak attempt a humor in an effort to lighten up a heavy post.

I do appreciate those that continue to come around, and I’ll get back to posting a bit more soon.

Posted by: Mark Newhouse on April 7, 2004 12:56 AM

Life, the Universe, Everything.

At age 42 and some years entrenched in geekdom, you suddenly (or was it gradually, but you didn’t grow conscious about it until it overwhelmed you) realise that life really isn’t perpetual. A Mother permanently hospitalized due to repeated ischemias, a Sister suddenly trapped in regular receives of cytotoxica, a Sigificant Other tossed around various medics trying to clue in to what the hell makes she have all that pain. At least the kids seems quite well… If there is anything I can add to the corum, it is the not so obvious fact that the Web will remain even if you don’t tend to it for a while. What’s more important: Your (real) friends will reman there, even if it is too hard to call them just now. Hang on, y’all see it’ll getting better, eventually. Trust me, it does. You can always fix those sites later.

Posted by: Åke Nordin on July 3, 2004 07:27 PM

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