It’s been a busy time, hence slow updates around here. I’ve added a new piece of writing to what I call PowerBlog. When I first got into this blogging thing I was using Apple’s iTools service. At the time it was free, and I set up several accounts for hosting a variety of sites. iBlog and PowerBlog were the first two that I grabbed. I was going to blog the consumer Mac related stuff at iBlog and pro Mac related stuff at PowerBlog. When I realized that would be too cumbersome, I only blogged to iBlog (I had a Tangerine iBook and a Grape iMac at the time, though I used a G4 tower at work and a Blue and White G3 at home. The iMac and Blue and White G3 are still used daily).

So, what to do with PowerBlog? At the time I was also writing a column for our local Homeschool support group, and so I added those writings there, and it became a location for my more inspirational writing.

The latest piece is called Legacy, and it was a winner in a national Homeschool magazine essay contest. Hope you like it...


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In which Mark explains his latest post to his PowerBlog...

February 5, 2004 | meta

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