Week 5 Exhaustion Test Results

Saturday morning I was curious about how many push ups I’d be able to do, so before breakfast (which is when I typically did my push ups before starting this challenge) I went for my max. I started out felling pretty good, but my arms gave out at 65. No change from my first test.

I was a bit disappointed, but figured I might do better later. So I tried again before bed and managed to eek out 86! I had to pause at the top of a couple of push ups to “regroup,” but not for more than a second. So that means I improved my max by 21 push ups, and I only need to add 14 more this week to finish the challenge.

Week 6, here I come…

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In which Mark reports on his week 5 exhaustion test...

June 29, 2008 | fitness

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