iPhoto 5 roundup

Derrick Story has a couple of very informative articles relating to Apple’s latest update to iPhoto. As part of the iLife ‘05 package, iPhoto is what has Story most excited. In A RAW Look at iPhoto 5, he looks at what he believes to be the most significant new features, including the import process, RAW images and the new editing tools. In Tips for Installing iPhoto 5, Story has some good suggestions for those migrating their iPhoto libraries to the latest version. You’ll definitely want to read this before making the transition.

And while we’re on the subject, Jim Heid has detailed a few of his favorite things about iPhoto in his short piece, appropriately titled, A Few of My Favorite iPhoto 5 Things, and a Call for Feedback. He particularly likes the better organizational options, slide shows and the new book options. There’s more so make sure to read the whole thing. While you are there, take a look at his free 16 page iLife ‘05 preview pdf.

Speaking of Jim, he’s got a series of short videos on the iLife ‘05 suite of programs. The first one is a short (just over 4 minutes), professionally done overview of iPhoto 5. New on Fridays at the iLifeTV site.

For those of you who use iPhoto and the Flickr photo sharing service, make sure to check out Flickr Export, an iPhoto plug-in that allows you to export images directly to Flickr, now updated to work with iPhoto 5.

And finally, Doug Bowman shares how he used iPhoto and Movable Type to create a stunning photo gallery. He used Photon, a free iPhoto plug-in that integrates with Movable Type, TypePad, Blojsom, and WordPress. And, as of last night, it works with iPhoto 5!

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In which Mark points out some interesting articles about, and tools to use with, iPhoto 5...

January 24, 2005 | Apple | digital photography

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