Catching Up

  • Today we visited my Grandma. She is doing much better, and is at home now. She looked great, and was getting around with the aid of a walker. This is a great relief to all of us, as you can imagine.

  • Yesterday marked my 37th trip around the sun. I’ve often thought it silly that I would receive gifts on my birthday since it was my mom who did all the work, but I do appreciate them. And thanks, mom, for going through labor for the first time 37 years ago. I hope I’ve been worth it.

  • I don’t drink Pepsi or other soft drinks anymore, so I pretty much ignored the whole iTunes giveaway, but my father-in-law managed to collect a couple of winning caps that he saved to give me last night. So I made my first two “purchases” from the iTMS, courtesy Pepsi and my father-in-law.

  • Great post from Dave Shea outlining A Roadmap to Web Standards.

  • Another good article from Dan Cederholm on some slick ways to style your content with rounded borders (and more).

  • And I’ve been busy at work (sneak previews):

  • Native American Resources
  • SOAR Telescope Dedication (Uses Todd’s Flash slide show)


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In which Mark attempts to catch up from not posting for awhile...

April 30, 2004 | random

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