Speaking of Weekly DV

I managed to scrape together a short for last week’s capsule [Serendipity], called Feline Dreams. You can view it here [5.6 MB MPEG4, right-click to download], or there.

The serendipity comes in with the actual shooting of the footage. My daughter was dressing one of our cats in some doll clothes, and the cat was purring, as content as could be. So my wife asked me to videotape it so we could hear the purring (which you obviously don’t get in a photograph). As my daughter brought the cat in wearing more outfits, the “storyline” for the short came together in my head. My favorite part of the short is the “outtakes” at the end…


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In which Mark shamelessly plugs his entry into this week’s WeeklyDV capsule...

January 22, 2004 | digital video

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