Dude, you’re getting an iPod?

This is just wierd... From the “Truth is Stranger then Fiction” department: Dell puts enmity aside by selling Apple’s iPod. A couple of relevant quotes from the article:

“The move is especially noteworthy because Apple and Dell hate each other.”

“In the tough economy, Apple and Dell seem to be willing to let bygones be bygones when there is money to be made. Besides the iPod, Dell sells just four digital music players on its Web site -- but the company said customer requests prompted it to carry iPods.”

»plink« · October 31, 2002

the day after

Amanda called last night. I am relieved for Alan and his family.

And our community tries to make sense of the killings of three university professors.

»plink« · October 29, 2002

scary times

Even as the DC sniper suspects are being indicted in Virginia, not more than a few blocks from where I work a gunman shot and killed three University of Arizona Nursing professors before turning the gun on himself. SWAT teams are supposed to descend upon neighborhoods in far away cities, not around the corner. But the fear that can easily well up in a time like this has not gripped me. Instead I find myself praying for the families of the victims.

Sometimes the fear and anxiety comes from your own kids. I also find myself praying this morning for Alan and his family as they look for their daughter Amanda, who was supposed to come back home from California this weekend. I told my parents I’d be home on a certain day once, and neglected to call them when I got into town. They were quite worried, and relief turned to anger when they found that I had been safely at my friends house a few blocks away while they had been searching for hours. I pray that there is a similar ending to Amanda’s story.

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James Lileks describes his first few hours with a new Windows 2000 Professional machine.


He does have some nice words for the machine however:

“It doesn’t hang everytime I shut it down like the last one.”

»plink« · October 24, 2002

Top Ten Digital Photography Tips

“The truth is that you can make great photos with a simple consumer point-and-shoot camera, or take lousy shots with the most expensive Nikon. It’s not the camera that makes beautiful images; it’s the photographer. With a little knowledge and a willingness to make an adjustment here and there, you can squeeze big time photos out of the smallest digicam.”

Derrick Storey has posted a great article on digital photo tips. If you’ve got a digital camera you need to read this article. For me it contained both good reminders and some new tips.

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add beantown

I, however, am thrilled to be going to Boston in November to speak at Web Design World. My topic is, believe it or not, Real World Style...

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stranger than fiction

Apple: We don’t want to go to Boston, and we might not come back to New York!

IDG: Well, don’t bother coming to San Francisco then, either!

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Gone but not forgotten (I hope!)

Last Thursday I went out with my dad and we cut some fuel wood for our fireplaces. We were fortunate to find a couple of large dead and down trees that filled the back of the pickup truck, and made it home shortly after lunch time. We go again tomorrow. In between now and then I’ve been out of town, had the stomach flu, and moved into my remodeled office.

Anyway, I’m sure nothing much changed on the web while I was away...

»plink« · October 16, 2002

I’ve done it

Well, despite my best intentions, I’ve subscribed to .Mac. Not because of anything Apple did, and certainly not all of my old iTools accounts. Really, it is all Christopher Schmitt’s fault (if you must know). See, he liked my 3 column layout with header and footer enough to deconstruct it in his new CSS book. The only problem is it went to press before we could change the URL he cited from the old iblog address at homepage.mac.com, to its new, permanent home at Real World Style (as I discovered when I received my complimentary copy earlier this week). So, in the interest of avoiding link rot, I dutifully sent in my $49.95 (+tax!). At least I didn’t have to buy the book...

»plink« · October 9, 2002

two more weeks

Even as Apple sweetens the pot with additional iSync functionality available to .Mac subscribers (along with the 100 free prints from Kodak and other incentives), they’ve given us 14 more days to decide whether to sign up...

And in other Apple news, Microsoft gets credit for innovating by announcing support for Bluetooth in its OS. And demonstrating some very Rendezvous-like technology. Funny thing, that, since Apple has had such support for some time now, and just made available for download software that takes advantage of Bluetooth for synchronizing data to your cell phone (assuming you have the requisite hardware). The article states that SOAP was a Microsoft innovation, when even the interview it links to clearly explains that it was Dave Winer who innovated that, along with a couple of guys from Microsoft who gave it marketplace “cred.”

From the ZDNET article:

“Based on my discussions with Microsoft wireless architect Mike Foley, who also chairs Bluetooth SIG, the industry consortium that oversees the Bluetooth wireless standard, I’ll go out on a limb and say that Microsoft is showing signs of innovation in the wireless space as well.”

That’s a pretty shaky limb there...

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