two more weeks

Even as Apple sweetens the pot with additional iSync functionality available to .Mac subscribers (along with the 100 free prints from Kodak and other incentives), they’ve given us 14 more days to decide whether to sign up...

And in other Apple news, Microsoft gets credit for innovating by announcing support for Bluetooth in its OS. And demonstrating some very Rendezvous-like technology. Funny thing, that, since Apple has had such support for some time now, and just made available for download software that takes advantage of Bluetooth for synchronizing data to your cell phone (assuming you have the requisite hardware). The article states that SOAP was a Microsoft innovation, when even the interview it links to clearly explains that it was Dave Winer who innovated that, along with a couple of guys from Microsoft who gave it marketplace “cred.”

From the ZDNET article:

“Based on my discussions with Microsoft wireless architect Mike Foley, who also chairs Bluetooth SIG, the industry consortium that oversees the Bluetooth wireless standard, I’ll go out on a limb and say that Microsoft is showing signs of innovation in the wireless space as well.”

That’s a pretty shaky limb there...

»plink« · September 30, 2002

Just in case you haven’t heard

I wrote another article for A List Apart. This one is called CSS Design: Taming Lists, and features many examples of how to style bulleted lists so that they display how you want them to—it’s a marriage of structure and design. Or something...

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There are currently 5 computers on in the house, six if you count Virtual PC.

Wireless internet and cordless phones don’t mix.

»plink« · September 24, 2002

fun with the kids

Spent the day with my girls doing art, panning for gold with Gabby Al, riding a train and visiting a horse soldier museum in Trail Dust Town.

»plink« · September 22, 2002

workspace project

Jason Perkins at somebodydial911 has (re)created a collaborative photo project he calls workspaces. My contribution shows the home office with a TiBook running OSX, a Blue and White G3 tower running OS9, and a 540c (PowerBook) running OS8...

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the rest of the story

5 down, 95 to go...

»plink« · September 18, 2002

add digital picture frame

Well, I’ve downloaded JPEGView (postcardware from January 10, 1995!) and cropped 115 pictures to 640x400 pixels. The slide show looks great. Now I just have to convince myself that I won’t ruin the whole thing by taking it apart and reassembling it into a picture frame. That, and find an allen wrench that will allow me to get into the case and take the thing apart.

I don’t know if the 540c will work as elegantly as the Duo version, as it is quite a bit larger; but I’m already imagining this “frame” propped up on the piano, which is conveniently close enough to the router that I could conceivably hook it up and surf the internet on it...

»plink« · September 17, 2002

digital picture frame

Applefritter is a site devoted to Macintosh case modifications - and there are some interesting ones. I have an old PowerBook 540c that I primarily keep around for the floppy drive. It’s hinge is broken, exposing a bit of it's innards to the elements already, so I’ve often thought about how I could use it as a digital picture frame. So as I scanned the headlines at macsurfer this morning the link to the Duo Digital Frame at Applefritter caught my eye. My 540c uses the same active matrix LCD display as the PowerBook Duo 270/280 used in the “case mod.” I’m not sure I have the requisite skills to create as beautiful a frame, but I may take some time to try something similar one of these days...

»plink« · September 10, 2002

so they love Jerry Lewis in France

In addition to the complete translation of Real World Style (RWS), the French translation of my ALA article, Practical CSS, has been published at Equally intriguing to me is this discussion board thread in French surrounding the RWS translation. I assume they are saying nice things about me...

»plink« · September 3, 2002

labor day

We’ve always wanted a kid-friendly yard, and when we bought our house just over a year ago, we were pretty well on our way there. It came with a swing set and a nice lawn. Earlier this year my Dad built a tree house for the girls. Today I anchored the swing with 220 lbs. of concrete, then spread out a layer of cedar chips to protect the kids in case they fall off. I'm quite pleased with the results - it’s like having a park in the backyard.

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