all in a day’s work

Had fun at the zoo yesterday morning, and then celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday last night. In between I put out web fires from home. Today we work on the yard, and whipping the house into shape. So ends the month of August...

»plink« · August 31, 2002

hanging punctuation

I've posted a new technique over at Real Word Style, and added a couple more pics so you don’t get bored with the giraffe and the seagull...

»plink« · August 29, 2002

what would you call them?

I was popping some popcorn the other day with my middle daughter. Commenting that the microwave wasn't doing a very good job, she quipped, “it’s leaving a lot of cornels.”

Or is that spelled with a K?

»plink« · August 29, 2002

hot and bothered

That’s the airport card in my TiBook. I’ve been working at home quite a bit the last two weeks while my office gets remodeled, so the TiBook has become the main work computer. My office at home is across the house from the WiFi router. The signal starts out pretty strong, but as I work it gets weaker. Since I am doing more on the laptop at home than I do at work, it gets pretty hot. About 5 minutes before the fan comes on the airport card loses its connection with the router. Once the fan comes on, everything goes back to normal.

Just thought I’d share...

»plink« · August 28, 2002


So I went to update a couple of files on our web site this morning, and I got an error message that we were out of disk space. It turns out that we were slashdotted on a movie of the asteroid that came real close to earth last week. The movie file was only 236K, so our servers didn’t really break a sweat, despite over 90,000 downloads of the file last week. But what did happen was the log files that were generated filled up all the remaining disk space on the server....

»plink« · August 26, 2002

Cool CSS stuff (is there any other kind?)

Xian over at mintchaos has ferreted out a way to make Eric Meyer’s Pure CSS Pop-ups working on Mac IE5. Turns out you need to make some sort of change to a DOM value in the a:hover rule, even if that change has no visual effect. For example if a:link includes font-weight: bold; you can give your a:hover a font-weight: 700; (which maps to bold). The visual display of the text is the same, but it forces IE5/Mac to display the pop-up. So now you can see that effect on the menu of links at the top of this blog (it’s already been there for a long time for Mozilloid browsers).

»plink« · August 23, 2002

whatever floats your boat

The French seem to like CSS. In the last week or so, I’ve had two French gentlemen ask permission to translate style sheet articles I’ve written. One, who is just learning HTML and CSS, has basically reproduced my Real World Style site, but in French. And that is cool with me since he asked and is linking back to my site.

Oh, and Eric points out that you can now search for all the posts I’ve made to css-discuss that include the word float. I know you’ll all sleep better knowing that...

»plink« · August 21, 2002


The latest issue of A List Apart covers Ten Tips on writing the Living Web, and Christina Wodtke sends us to some more writing tips, viz Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace.

Which reminds me, I have some writing of my own to do...

»plink« · August 15, 2002

apple spam

I suppose by asking for the email address(es) I agreed to periodic mass email from Apple to said address(es). But the spam has been getting to be a bit much lately. Especially since it comes to all seven of the aforementioned means of electronic communication. And with no way to opt out. I guess I’ll just wait ‘till September 30.

I wonder if this is one of their promised future enhancements to the whole .Mac thing...

»plink« · August 14, 2002


So I’m sorta’ in the market for a new computer. I’m in that stage where there isn’t anything I am currently doing that requires a faster computer, but there is stuff I want to do that my current set-up is incapable of doing. Like burning DVDs. I’ve said that I won’t upgrade until the processor is at least one generation ahead and twice as fast as my current machine. Since my current desktop is a Blue and White 400MHz G3; I’ve met those requirements. And then some, since Apple today introduced new G4 towers.

All dual processors, up to 1.25GHz, and other really fast things like DDR SDRAM, various caches, motherboard and graphics cards, as well as really big hard drives.

And if what’s under the hood doesn’t excite you, then maybe the new enclosure will...

»plink« · August 13, 2002

excellent css resource

Simon Willison has created a searchable, and eminently browseable, archive of the CSS Discuss email list, and made it public today. This effectively makes some of the best minds on CSS available to anyone.

»plink« · August 12, 2002

environmental style

I've posted a new article under Techniques at Real World Style, called Environmental Style. Hope you like it.

»plink« · August 8, 2002

another nail in the coffin

This site is no longer mirrored at it's previous address...

»plink« · August 6, 2002

i love a good debate

Intel inside? Not likely.

»plink« · August 6, 2002

cult of mac

Wired has been covering Mac fanaticism for a while now, and adds several articles today. One covers Apple related tattoos, another focuses on Peter Cohen’s tri-annual hair cuts. The third, about Christof Koch’s Apple tattoo, a professor of Computation and Neural Systems at the renowned California Institute of Technology sums it all up:

“I bet you there’s no person with a Microsoft logo”

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we’ve moved

Please reset bookmarks and links to - wheee!

»plink« · August 2, 2002

new digs

The new names are still propagating but I actually have content at one, so I’ll point you to it. I’ve moved Real World Style to its own domain now (and it seems to be showing up pretty consistently by this morning). You can find it at I’ll be adding new articles over the next few weeks, and beyond.

And once I get some content moved over to the other domain, I’ll point you to it as well (it seems to be taking a bit longer to propagate)...

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