Dear .Mac trial member,

Here's another tip on how to get the most out of .Mac. If you're one of the 50 million people who own digital cameras, you know you have a powerful and versatile tool for preserving your memories. But chances are you've also discovered that sharing photos online can be tricky. For example, emailing large photo files can fill up your friends' mailboxes.

With iPhoto and .Mac, sharing digital photos online is simple. Because access to .Mac is built right into iPhoto, people who never thought they could have their own web pages are now creating and publishing them like pros. Weddings, parties, birthdays, and other life events have never been easier to share. Here's how it works using iPhoto and a Mac with Mac OS X:

Get your pictures into iPhoto by connecting your camera to your Mac and clicking Import in the iPhoto window that appears. (Don't have iPhoto yet? Get the free download.)
Select Last Import to see the pictures you just imported. Click the Share button and then HomePage. iPhoto will contact the .Mac servers and log you in.
The next thing you'll see is a page with your photos already arranged! Click the text at the top of the page to give your album a title and edit the album description. You can try out different frame styles. And you can just drag your photos around the page to arrange them in a particular order.

Click Publish. When the page has been published, you'll see a message with the address of the new album web page. You can copy and paste this address into an email or iCard and send it to friends and family.

If you'd like to update your album page later, log in to HomePage from the .Mac website, select your page from the list, make changes, and click Publish.

The ability to publish directly from iPhoto to the web is available to every .Mac member. This is just one of the dozens of ways that .Mac extends your digital life beyond the scope of your desktop. And check out the new performance and interface enhancements in HomePage, like great ways for visitors to send you feedback on your site. Learn more about what a .Mac membership provides or upgrade to a full .Mac membership today and save $50 off your first-year membership. Your trial account will expire on September 30, 2002, so sign up today!

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