Making the Switch

The tale of a "non-early adopter."

By Mark Newhouse...

»plink« · February 28, 2002

Overheard as I strolled through campus

Two guys walking the other way, discussing a test they had just taken: "Man, he wrote the questions so you actually had to know the answers..."

»plink« · February 27, 2002

Random Notes on the Closing Ceremonies

»plink« · February 24, 2002

You want a 3 column, CSS layout in NN4? No problem!

In some ways antithetical to the Browser Upgrade Initiative, there has been no shortage of interest in multi-column CSS based layouts for NN4. Last week, Jeffrey pointed to one, and that same day the CSS-Discuss list pointed out another. Since my audience at my real job has 16% or more using NN4 on *nix boxen, these layout techniques piqued my interest. Alas, neither of them met my rather straightforward design constraints of including both a header and a footer, so I worked up my own solution.

Bare-bones layout and linked CSS file.

See it in action with enhanced versions for capable browsers.

»plink« · February 18, 2002

For you

In case you haven't read it yet, I wrote this semi-autobiographical piece for my wife for an anniversary several years ago. Love Life.

And, probably the most famous passage from the Bible on love is 1 Corinthians 13. My wife, daughter and a friend set it to music and I am offering it to you as an mp3 download. 1corinthians13.mp3 [4.2 MB, if it comes in as text, try control/right clicking the file to get it to download]. And you can also see the words.

»plink« · February 14, 2002

Happy Valentine's Day

I was late for work this morning...

»plink« · February 14, 2002

Apple stuff

Some random Apple links for your surfing pleasure...

»plink« · February 13, 2002

Mortality II

Dad is home and doing quite well. My grandmother continues to improve, and my sister is off bed rest and back at work.

I'll start being thankful now...

»plink« · February 13, 2002


I hate it when our mortality rears its ugly head and reminds us that life is short. My grandmother recently fell and broke several bones. She is now in a rehabilitation center recovering from the surgery. And she will carry a card into airports letting them know she has a lot of metal holding her together.

My baby sister is having contractions two months away from her due date. She's off of bed rest for now, but that could change at any time.

Today my dad had an angiogram. A routine treadmill test indicated potential problems. A follow-up test indicated that he had heart damage from one or more silent heart attacks. Today they installed a stent in one artery that had 90% blockage, and a balloon in the other (40% blockage). And he is recently started high blood pressure meds. All this for someone who exercises regularly, doesn't smoke or drink, and has normal cholesterol levels.

It could be worse - thankfully all these people are still here. And they all know that I love them...

»plink« · February 11, 2002

Personal Jet Pack!

These pictures of the SoloTrek XFV prototype hovering about two feet off the ground are pretty impressive, but they don't fool me. I mean, you can see the strings and everything...

»plink« · February 6, 2002

Speaking of the new iMac

Apple always has a great out of box experience. Here's what the new iMac's looks like...

»plink« · February 5, 2002

Stranger things have happened

First Amazon posts a profit, then it snows in Tucson. The Patriots won the Superbowl, and now David Coursey does a complete 180° and declares his love for the new iMac...

»plink« · February 5, 2002