Accelerate Your Mac points out a quiet little press release from LG.Philips that might point to larger LCD displays from Apple come January...

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Think Same!

Animation of an iMac morphing into a Future Power Windows machine that &quotsays" Hello (again) ((again)), and then shows the Blue Screen of Death. It's a laugh riot, really...

You remember Future Power? They brought "innovative" iMac styling to the PC. Despair, inc. [via Ken] parodied this in a brilliant press release, and kindly provided the animation to the right.

You should also check out their Demotivators series. Conformity is especially applicable to Future Power, along with others who seek to imitate Apple rather than innovate...

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I'll be taking time off work for Christmas and New Years, so my blogging may be more sporadic. Then again, it could stay the same or even pick up. Just thought I'd let you know.

Not that it was helpful, or anything...

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Something's coming...

Flat panel iMac? Apple Branded PDA? or some other "digital lifestyle appliance" that Jobs and Co. have determined that we can't live without.

Whatever it is, January 7, 2002 is going to be an interesting day...

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iPod doesn't make the grade?

Oh, it's just a Windows user whining 'cause he can't use the cool gadget with his (inferior) computer...


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Charles the Right

Although this is an article in Charles Moore's excellent Road Warrior series about PowerBooks, you won't find mention of one in this article. Instead you will find an informative a reasoned explanation of why Charles considers himself a conservative.

And you'll see where I fall in my comment on the article...

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Combo Drives in TiBooks - Standard!

So Apple has made slot loading DVD/CD-R combo drives standard in the PowerBook G4. And they've announced it today. With 3 weeks left before the MacWorld San Francisco keynote. That is slated to take 2 and one half hours.

What will Steve be talking about for so long?

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Worth printing...

...and reading and re-reading. Owen Briggs' Design Rant and Curt Cloninger's Understanding the Web as Media.

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iPod Mania [updated!]

The iPod Lounge and join iPod Hacks as new iPod focused web sites, and Apple scours the 'net (so we don't have to), to bring us links to the myriad articles giving positive reviews to the wonderful (if expensive) mp3 player/firewire hard drive that we all have come to know and love as, the iPod...

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Fire? Ha! We Scoff At Fire

Several years ago I was doing a workshop at a school, and a pipe burst directly over a row of Macs, flooding them in a matter of seconds. This happened just a few hours before the workshop was to begin. Tech support came out with hair dryers and once dry, each machine booted without any data loss.

Today Jack, over at As the Apple Turns, points to a story on a Spanish site about a G3 tower that survived a fire. This image shows the G3, melted case and all, happily booting up. There are more pictures on the site.

And if you don't speak Spanish, here's the Babelfish translation (to English...)

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Flat panel iMac?

Check it out quick, before Apple legal gets to it...

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Apple links of interest...

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Just in Time Innovation?

Damien points out this great article from Low End Mac debunking the poorly researched article from NewsFactor that wonders if Apple can keep up its Just in Time Innovation. Read them all, and don't miss the reader feedback either.

The only thing I have to add is that these innovations from Apple that seem to appear "Just in Time" actually take quite a bit of R&D time to develop, and should hardly be characterized as such...

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We have a winner!

That's me - Mark N. from Tucson, AZ...

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Today this showed up in my email. Twice.


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IT/Ginger is more than just a scooter

Dean Kamen would be happy with my response. His new Segway Human Transporter is more than a cool scooter. I can see the possibilities for it. I at least want to try one.

But I'm afraid I'd have a hard time not putting the money down for one once I did. That is if I had $3 grand burning a hole in my pocket..

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