More CSS - EH!

Christina has not only been on a posting spree, she has taken full advantage of the possibilities that CSS affords for layout, as well as switching to Moveable Type as her CMS of choice...

Nice job!

»plink« · November 30, 2001

CSS week continues...

Eric Costello, who is no CSS slouch himself, points out a couple of interesting CSS articles over at A good tutorial on CSS positioning, and an interesting application of CSS to create playing cards. This one looks best using Netscape 6


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This does not Excite me

It's one thing to be without your broadband cable connection as a result of something you did. It's another thing altogether to be without it due to the incompetence of the Chief Executives of the company that provides said internet access...

Update: It seems that Cox Communications is doing everything in its power to ensure uninterrupted access during this time. Assuming anything comes of the threats to shut things down, that is...

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A few random Mac links for you...

»plink« · November 28, 2001

More CSS goodness

Grant has begun implementing his redesigned, CSS-for-layout site over at Splorp. Including the ever entertaining (if not useful) Available Domain Name of the Week.

I like it...

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Eric Meyer has (quietly) updated his css/edge site with some interesting ideas for breaking out of the inherent boxiness of the CSS, uh, box-model...

»plink« · November 27, 2001

I'm back

Had a great week off, including a forced break from things digital (well, the internet at least) due to severing our cable in the back yard while digging post holes for a tree house we are putting up for the girls.

The analog world isn't that bad, really. And despite previous protestations to the contrary, I can be pretty handy with the power tools...

(And kudos to Cox Cable, our ISP of note, whose repairman spliced the cable at no charge to us!)

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Truth in Advertising

I don't remember that this was part of the Microsoft vs DOJ Settlement...

[link via As the Apple Turns]

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We're not just geeks, we're Mac Geeks. Some of us suffer from ATS, spontaneously calling out the name of any Apple product we see in television shows and movies. And I don't know of any Windows users who take pictures of their computers and peripherals as they unpack them, and then post them on the web for others to experience vicariously (and link to)...

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I should have posted this earlier...

Independents Day is holding their first online event now. Two new essays on the future of the independent web every six hours. It started on 12 November, but there is an archive if you've missed any...

»plink« · November 14, 2001

It's OK to talk to yourself...

Just not out loud.

Or with your hands.

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All-new AirPort

Apple's AirPort Base Station... MacSense's XRouter Aero

With 128-bit encryption and support for up to 50 users, Apple's updated AirPort base station is still $299. And now it works with AOL, too (in the US). I still like my XRouter Aero, with four 10/100BASE-T ethernet ports, as well as the wireless capabilities. Like the AirPort it does DHCP, NAT, and has a firewall.

But it's not as cute...

»plink« · November 13, 2001

MSN bats 1000...

Of 62 links on the MSN home page, all 62 do not validate (tests done on 31 October, 2001), and neither does the home page. That makes 63 out of 63. Håkon Lie, the father of style sheets, and CTO of Opera Software, explains in this week's A List Apart.

»plink« · November 8, 2001

Driving Lesson

Patti - does this look familiar? [7MB QuickTime movie]

»plink« · November 6, 2001

World Champions!

Memebers of the Arizona diamondbacks celebrate their ninth inning victory over the New York Yankees to take the World Championship...

»plink« · November 5, 2001

iTunes 2!

Download the latest version from Apple or grab it off your iDisk, and be ready when your iPod arrives...

I have downloaded it, but have yet to try it out. Looks good, though.

»plink« · November 5, 2001

Is that it?

So the new Star Wars trailer for Attack of the Clones (why is it that people are upset by the pulpy name? Star Wars is pulp sci-fi, isn't it?) requires QuickTime 5. I've got no problem with that - it's probably worth the download for the new features. What threw me was that the largest version of the trailer requires QuickTime 5 Pro. Fortunately I had already upgraded and just had to enter the registration number in my QuickTime control panel. I reloaded the page and began downloading the trailer.

The movie downloaded quite quickly, but I was thoroughly unimpressed with the trailer. I'd have asked for my money back if I had coughed up the $29.95 (US) to upgrade just to see the trailer.

And I still haven't seen Episode One...

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