[July 31, 2001]


The weather...

Today was one of those weird weather days in Tucson where it was hotter at 7:30 this morning than it was at 2pm, when it usually hits the high temperature for the day. Gotta love the monsoons...

[July 30, 2001]


Happy Birthday!

To my sweetheart of 16 years. We've been together half your life now. I love you more now than I ever have before. Thanks for all you do for me, and for our girls.

TiBook News:

First Post!

From the TiBook itself, that is...

[July 26, 2001]

TiBook News:

Thanks for the memory

256 MB of RAM is sitting on my desk waiting for the TiBook to arrive. It's supposed to come came today. This super thin, 500MHz PowerBook will be is the fastest machine I will have at my disposal. And the largest hard drive. And the most RAM.

I'll try to stop gloating now...

[July 25, 2001]

Apple News:


Apple comments on Windows XP... [via MacObserver]

iBook News:


In which I rant about spending time with people rather than silicon and question the idea of a digital lifestyle...


Family Time

Thanks to some wonderful friends, our family was able to spend some relaxing and fun time together at a beautiful resort north of Tucson. We swam, hiked, watched the wildlife out our back door, and enjoyed spending time together as a family.

It was hard to leave this morning...

[July 18, 2001]

Apple News:

Post Keynote blues got you down?

It's rather disturbing to read how upset people are about the lack of new hardware introduced at MacWorld New York yesterday. Reports of people wanting their money back, or demanding to talk to Jobs (and we thought he was mercurial), strike me as just wrong. We have to remember Apple is a company, and owes nobody anything.

Much as I love using the computers the company makes, I really think a lot of these people (and I don't know any personally) need to get a life. At least take a break and enjoy it for awhile...

[July 17, 2001]


Like a good neighbor...

Not State Farm, but, well, a good neighbor came to our rescue this morning. Our van door was left open all night, and the interior lights ran our battery down. So our former next-door neighbors (who are now just down the street) came to our rescue by jumping the van for us.

[July 16, 2001]

iBook News:

Increase the hits...

MacWorld New York starts tomorrow, with Jobs' keynote early Wednesday morning. The rumor mill is generating a lot of interest, so I thought I'd throw in some of my own idle speculation...

[July 15, 2001]

iBook News:

Wireless update

I finally got my wireless LAN set up thanks to a MacSense AeroRouter and a SkyLine PCI/PC card to make my Blue and White G3 wireless capable. So this post comes to you from the recliner in my living room via the AirPort card in the iBook and the 802.11 wireless networking protocol...

[July 11, 2001]

iBook News:

Don't like your new iBook's white color scheme?

Take a look at these folks who did something about it...


Busy, busy, busy...

Redesigns and workshops at work, assignments for an online class on accessibility, and coordinating the panel I'll be moderating at Web2001 in September have kept me from posting recently. My humblest apologies...

[July 6, 2001]



According to the iFAQ, permalinks at this blog are a year old this month. Just click the icon to the left of each post's title. C'mon, you know you want to...

[July 3, 2001]


Get your Red/Blue glasses ready

And check out the moon in 3-D!

Apple News:

Reach out and touch...

Bob Cringley (yeah, he told me to call him Bob - ha!) details his 10 km range Airport set-up that (finally) brings a DSL connection to his house (and the house of a "neighbor" - for free). And it only cost him $1400... [found on As the Apple Turns]

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