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[April 26, 2000]

Apple News:

First the FishPC, and now this...

By now you've probably seen or heard about the latest iMac wannabe, but here is an interesting take on "portable computing" with an eMachine. [story first broken by Go2Mac]

Apple News:

As the Apple Turns

I never thought of this as a blog before, but it really is. And it has been around since before blogs were a web genre. Updated daily, it is styled as a soap opera about Apple and related technology, and points to interesting and relevant stories on the web, with a cleverly honed sense of humor. And it is decently designed as well. It has made it to the Side-bar 'o Links.


Mr. Rogers Sweaters and Fuzzy Slippers

From the Microsoft Pocket PC web site:
"Like a pair of fuzzy old slippers, the familiarity of Windows®-based applications on your Pocket PC will comfort and soothe your overworked, stressed-out soul."
Another difference between Mac and Wintel users - when I am stressed and overworked, the last thing I long for is to open up an Excel file...

Perhaps they were thinking of smelly old slippers?

[April 25, 2000]


The 'blog Circle of Life continues

Yesterday I found a blog that had found, and linked, to this one. Turns out he found me via yet another blog, Two Things at Once, and with that link, the circle continues...

I am not really being cynical, I'm simply flattered by the attention.

[April 24, 2000]

iBook News:

New Keeper column

Fortunately I was able to connect to the ibook_keeper iDisk this morning and upload the latest column. I called it T-square.


idisk.mac.com problems

I seem to be unable to connect to my iDisk(s), which means that the last few updates to this Blog are not going through in a timely manner. Of course you won't know that until I am able to get through again....


My first "iBlog" e-mail

I received an encouraging e-mail from Miles Baskett III regarding this little web page. Seems he liked it. Enough to link to it from his Blog, Winter Beach. Hey, thanks for the link Miles!


Busy Weekend!

Wow! A lot happened this weekend. I added a second monitor to my Blue and White G3 at home, my little sister got married, and we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus!

[April 20, 2000]

Apple News:

Two Monitors

I got a new ATI graphics card so I can add my old 15" monitor to my Blue and White G3 system at home. I am looking forward to having all my tool pallettes on the smaller monitor, while working on a full image on the 17" display.

The next step is to figure out how to use the 1.2 GB IDE drive from the old Performa in the tower (i'll use it as a scratch and Internet cache disk).

The assimilation continues...

[April 19, 2000]

iBook News:

I wish I had referrer logs...

The two most popular Keeper columns have either Girly or Naked in the title. Coincidence, or is the column just gaining readers?

[April 17, 2000]

iBook News:

Of iBooks and Stereotypes

This week I weigh in with some real world eveidence on the Girly iBook debate.

[April 13, 2000]

iBook News:

A new friend

We have a new friend: an iBook named Po. She likes us so much she has linked to several Keeper of the iBook articles - thanks!

[April 12, 2000]


Interesting Microsoft Tidbit...

I was just checking my Keeper logs and noticed that I have more hits from the Microsoft.com domain than the Apple.com domain. Very interesting...

[April 11, 2000]

iBook News:

A day late...

Well, I was a day late, due to illness, but the latest Keeper of the iBook column is up. It has somthing to do with the Internet.

[April 7, 2000]


No News

Slow day yesterday, so there was nothing to report. Today my family came to work with me. We saw Ball in the House, a vocal band, on the U of A mall. Fun group! Their tag line is six guys, six mouths, thats it.

[April 5, 2000]

Apple News:

Mac OS 9.0.4 is out

Hopefully it really fixes the Save Contents on Sleep bug that trashed so many iBook hard drives. Go get it.

[April 4, 2000]

iBook News:

Surf Naked, indeed!

The latest Keeper column has received more page views than any of the others. When I saw that it had nearly 600 hits in the first 24 hours it was up, I wondered what site had picked it up. I don't think it was the stellar writing that caused people to refer their friends. Could it be the title of the piece? Nah...

[April 3, 2000]

iBook News:


I forgot to check my links in the recent Keeper column. I should have been more careful, as there were several incorrect ones in there. They have been fixed now. Mea Culpa.

iBook News:

Surf Naked

A new Keeper of the iBook has been posted. No, it's not what you think.


Where did I go?

I took Thursday off and Friday I was teaching a homeschool science class, and I don't update on the weekends...

[March 29, 2000]


IE 5 for Macintosh

I've been using Internet Explorer 5 since Monday. I am very happy with it, and have installed it on all the machines I use regularly (G4 at work, iBook, and Blue and White G3 at home). I'll upgrade the iMac (Grape, 333MHz) this weekend.

[March 28, 2000]

Apple News:

Feel Free to Ride the Bullet

I'm not really much of a fan of Stephen King, but I appreciate that he has worked with Amazon.com and Adobe to bring Mac users his latest short story, Riding the Bullet, all for a free download. You'll need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (4.05a). Now I have something to read on the bus...

[March 27, 2000]

iBook News:

New Keeper of the iBook column

I've been on a bit of a rampage as I am establishing my Keeper of the iBook site. This makes the 5th article in 8 days. Time to slow down and get back to a weekly schedule. Of course publishing more often means more hits over the course of the week (the site averaged 187 page views/day last week, as compared to 85 over the last three weeks). Enough about me, go check out the new article (which, of course, is more about me...).

iBook News:

iBook Review in MSNBC

If you are a rabid Macintosh fan who only wants to hear great things about everything to come from Cupertino, please stop reading now. And if you're the kind of person who tends to write off-color e-mails at the mere mention of a Mac problem, you should forget about what's written below. But, if you want to know about a good laptop computer with terrific wireless networking, please read on.

So starts Gary Krakow's review of an iBook SE and AirPort base station. I am not sure why he is worried about flames, as the article was very positive. Perhaps he was worried about the last paragraph where he has a few gripes about the AirPort software (which is old news to many Mac users) and some choice words about the stability of the Mac OS. But hey, he works for MSNBC, so he is contractually obligated to say something negative about Apple, right?

[March 24, 2000]

iBook News:

iBookless for the weekend...

It was bound to happen sooner or later. A colleague has need of the iBook this weekend, and since it isn't really mine (I just keep it), I had to give it up. I'll be ok, though, with my Grape iMac and Blue and White G3 at home to keep me company.

iBook News:

Keeper of the iBook

Location, Location, Location, part 3, the final installment of the tutorial on using the Location Manager, has been posted. Click.

[March 23, 2000]

Apple News:

Apple Stock on a wild ride

Apple's Stock price (AAPL) has taken a wild ride the past couple of days, reaching a record interday high of 1503/8 today before retreating to close off almost three points at 1415/16. With a split virtually guaranteed to happen soon, I guess folks want to jump on the bandwagon.

iBook News:

Dead Pixels in Your iBook Display?

Then you'll want to read Charles Moore's Latest Miscellaneous Ramblings column at Low End Mac: Dealing with Dead Pixels.

[March 22, 2000]


Keeper Hit Log

In just over two weeks The Keeper of the iBook has had nearly 1000 page visits from almost 600 different hosts! Not bad for only promoting it on two other mac-centric sites (and also being picked up by iBook-User.com - Thanks!) Not bad for a one man show, just doing it because I enjoy it.

iBook News:

Hack your iBook

I haven't tried this one, and since the iBook I use doesn't belong exclusively to me, I probably won't, but if you wish you had a second command key on your iBook keyboard, check out this article from MacMilitia.

iBook News:

Keeper of the iBook

Location, Location, Location, part 2 of the tutorial on using the Location Manager, has been posted. You know what to do.

[March 21, 2000]

iBook News:

Banner news!

I just checked my Keeper of the iBook mail, and I had received an e-mail from Tom Trial over at iBook-User. He liked the site and put a banner on the top of his page. Check it out!

iMac News:

More memory

I upgraded the memory in our Grape iMac last night. It wasn't as easy as the G3, but it was still pretty straightforward. Now we can run Virtual PC, and I just got the upgrade to version 3, so I'll be installing that soon.

[March 20, 2000]

iMac News:

Why would you want to do that?

A Salon article discusses a commercial for epinions that involves shooting an iMac. I guess people get worked up on both side of the platform war...

Apple News:

The Demon's New Mistress

John Martellaro has written a brilliant piece that elegantly describes what could happen if Apple isn't careful about how they shield that average consumer from OSX's Unix underpinnings, told from the computer's perspective. This weeks Warp Core column is actually the second part and I suggest you read both.
Part 1, Demon With a Glass Face
Part 2, The Demon's New Mistress

iBook News:

Keeper of the iBook

I've just posted a new Keeper of the iBook column. This week there will be three columns that explain how to set up and use Apple's Location Manager.

Apple News:

Memory upgrades

I upgraded some memory for a friend this weekend. I have a Blue and White G3 at home that I recently upgraded the memory to 256MB. It took about 5 minutes, including finding a pair of scissors to open the bubble pack the memory was shipped in. I just popped open the side panel, inserted the memory, closed up the computer and started her up.

Not so easy with my friend's 7100. I was able to get inside, but once there I saw that the memory was located underneath the CD-ROM drive, which was under the floppy drive (remember those?). And these were both connected to a chassis that also held the power supply. I was at a bit of a loss as to how to get to the SIMMs, so I asked Jeeves. Now Jeeves doesn't know everything, but he has some good connections. It didn't take too long before I had found my way to the Mac Daniel section of the Low End Mac, with the answers to my questions.


Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend, so there weren't any updates. I expect that will probably be the norm, so this 'blog will likely only update on weekdays.

[March 16, 2000]

iMac News:

466MHz iMac speed test

Rob Art Morgan of Bare Feats asks, "Which is faster, an iMac D with a NewerTech 466MHz upgrade or a new iMac DV 400?" And he is also kind enough to answer.

iBook News:


I was just forced to come in from doing a little surfing out in the courtyard at work. Too many leaves falling into my keyboard. Too bad, as the weather is very nice with the temperature at a balmy 78°F!


More Page Updates

I've added more Apple related blogs, and some iBook and iMac blogs, too. If you know of any more that should be included, let me know.


Page Updates

I have added small icons to each post that I make, indicating what the post refers to:
Apple News: indicates a general post about Apple
iBook News: indicates an iBook related post
iMac News: indicates an iMac related post, and
Note: indicates a note that has no specific relation to Apple

iBook News:

iBook Review

Inside Mac Games has posted a review of the iBook. While it reviewed fairly well, this wonderful consumer offering from Apple is not going to satisfy the hardcore gamer. It should be noted that the review unit was a Rev. A iBook, and some of the shortcomings cited in the review have been addressed in the recent revisions. I'd be interested to see IMG's take on an iBook SE.


March Madness

The Madness has begun. All I can say is Go Cats!

[March 15, 2000]

Apple News:

The Trade Dress saga continues...

Looks like Future Power doesn't like what Apple said about them. Anyone in the PC world ever heard of innovation?


3... 2... 1... 0... Launch!

I've decided to enter the waters of blogging. We'll see how long it lasts. Why, you might ask? Because Derek said to.

I'll continue to add links to other iMac and iBook related blogs and sites in the coming days.

Mark Newhouse is the Web Designer for the public outreach arm of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories in Tucson, AZ. He has been using Macs for over a decade, and sometimes gets Distracted.




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