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Newhouse News 2000


Champion Reader Wins National Contest

Picture of Jordan reading her book to the kids at Story Time at the library

During Story Time at the library, Jordan reads a book she wrote and illustrated.

"We're just glad it was only 7 weeks long," said local librarians who hunted down almost 400 titles from the approved book list and dedicated a shelf on the reserve wall to the Newhouses. The contest, sponsored by Sylvan Learning Foundation's Book Adventure website, involved reading books at your grade level or above and taking a quiz on the site. Only 100% correct quizzes qualified for the Book Bonanza Contest. With 287 perfect scores, Jordan won 3rd place in the K-3rd grade category. Over 80 of those were 4th grade level or higher. Had she registered as a 4th grader (which is the level she's working at in home school) she'd have won the Grand Prize family trip to Florida in the 4th-8th grade category! When informed of this unfortunate twist of fate, Jordan mused about the sovereignty of God: "Well, God knew you couldn't make it to Florida and that I'd enjoy third prize more." (Referring to Mom's debilitating chronic joint pain which has kept them from travelling much further than the church or grocery store!) Jordan is eagerly awaiting her edutainment package provided by Crayola, Patch products, and Lego.

Newhouse girls share their faith in drama and song

Bethany Grace Newhouse, asleep in the manger at church.

Last Christmas Eve Bethany Grace Newhouse portrayed Jesus on the big stage at Christ Community Church with poise and grace (if you don't count the "no crying He makes" part...). Then on Mother's Day, Jordan and Kim acted out a little scene where they read from Psalm 139 and sang with Jordan's friend Charis and her mom Jean, who accompanied on guitar.

In her first children's choir recital, Moriah Newhouse wowed the crowd as she threw her whole self into her portrayal of a Pilgrim working in the garden. A highlight of the brief show was the spontaneous "Dance of Joy" as she grabbed hands with friend Alex and spun around in a circle for no apparent reason.

Jordan sang in our church's big Christmas production and is excitedly preparing for Christmas Eve where she and several other young girls will be assisting the Pastor in presenting the Christmas story in the morning services.

Sisters feel snow first time ever

The Newhouse family in the snow, with Jordan holding a snowman

Eight year old Jordan, almost 4 year old Moriah and 1 year old Bethany finally experienced that winter wet stuff they've heard so much about! Since their parents had never gotten around to making the 1 hour drive up to nearby Mt. Lemmon, their newly-retired "Papa" Norm Newhouse decided to take the whole family up in his new Odyssey van. They made snow angels and snow men, tossed snowballs playfully and even tried to slide down a partially covered slope (1/2 pine needles, 1/2 snow) in a cardboard box. Only their wet hands were cold as it was a beautiful day.

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